The Supreme Court’s ruling on the Scottish Parliament’s say over Article 50 confirms all suspicions that Scotland’s voice will never be heard by Westminster.

I’ve often been hesitant about calling a second independence referendum, as not to win would surely shelve the idea for many years and decades. However, if it wasn’t already Scotland being pulled out of the EU, or the fact that Theresa May has attempted to railroad a hard Brexit with no thought of compromising; the Supreme Court’s  ruling that the long held Sewell Convention, where Holyrood consents on legislation which affects devolved matters, has no legal authority, and now only stands as a political convention, gives me absolutely no confidence that such an arrogant Tory administration will ever choose to treat Scotland as an equal partner, as they so-often proclaim.

This ‘empty-rhetoric,’ as described by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, has already been proven by the Prime Minister’s relentless attempt to bypass the Scottish Parliament and the 3 other devolved assemblies. Once again, the ‘family of equal nations’ is being browbeaten by the one sibling who gets to dictate what all the others do.

The issue with political conventions is that they are only followed because of the political repercussions of not doing so (i.e. not being re-elected). The awful pity is that Scotland has never provided much in the way of political value to the Tories, post-Thatcher, and the Supreme Court ruling has set a dangerous precedent for the future relationship between Westminster and Holyrood.

It has become clearer than ever that this is a union in which England dominates. The people of Scotland will not have a fair say and are not ‘equal partners.’ To introduce the damaging policies of a party which has only one elected MP in Scotland may be an injustice, however Brexit: overwhelmingly rejected by the people of Scotland, threatens 80,000 jobs, and on average, will make every Scot £2000 poorer; is an unacceptable path to adopt. The past 7 months have made me more aware than ever that the views and interests of people north of the border are irrelevant to a political institution, which have driven us over a cliff based on a falsehood that immigration is the root of all problems, the irony is that the contrary is closer to the truth. The only option is to take an alternative direction as soon as possible. It is time to stop trying to reason with a UK Government who have put their fingers in their ears, and plan to keep them there. The time is now to make Scotland the country that her people wish her to be, and independence is the only way that that can be delivered.


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