Alistair KiddMy name is Alistair Kidd, and I am currently a student of Law and Politics at the University of Strathclyde (all views expressed are my own). I have always held a huge passion for Scottish politics – some may say “obsessive.”

The 2014 Scottish independence referendum gave me the opportunity to fight for a future which I passionately believe in, and as a young, first-time, voter, I was proud to belong to a movement which consolidated my beliefs and values; of fairness, equality, and liberty. The Yes Campaign provided an optimistic vision for Scotland; a chance to put an end to the status-quo, and chart a different course for our country. One which would protect our invaluable and cherished institutions, give a hand up to those who are disadvantaged, and return a government which was accountable to, and elected by, the voters of Scotland.

As it was for many people, September 19th was utterly demoralising. Scotland had voted No to independence, but not out of a heartfelt passion for remaining under the control of London; they had been cheated, conned, and scared into doing so.  It was obvious to many that, during the campaign, a clear media bias had emerged. With every daily newspaper, as well as the large majority of television coverage, lined up in support of the union, the task to convince voters of a brighter future was enormous, and could only be though the well-organised grassroots campaign which existed.

Scotland may have chosen to bide it’s time three years ago, but another opportunity waits just around the corner. The arguments used by the Better Together campaign are beginning to crumble one by one – but don’t be hanging around to hear that on the BBC. Already, the mainstream media propaganda machines have begun to swing into action.

To save family and friends from endless political discourse (rants) and put an end to constant shouting at the television; I thought that it might be best to direct my thoughts in a more positive direction. This blog aims to offer the other side of the debate, and provide relevant political and current affairs stories, and opinion, which are important to the people of Scotland, while maintaining fair and balanced, facts-based, coverage.

From stories which won’t be reported elsewhere, to adding a different view to those which are; I wish to provide a unique experience, and deliver high-end original content, that I hope you enjoy reading.

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